Hire developers, skip management and training.

You’ll have a full product team that handles all development tasks for you at a monthly flat rate.

Try Hokantan for a week at only $14!

Your developers worked on some of the most famous brands


Delegate projects to a self-sufficient team.

Get close to zero involvement in your projects and keep up-to-date with daily progress reports from your dedicated project manager.


Create new projects in minutes without limits.

Submit unlimited projects and decide how your they are prioritized, we arrange it from zero to launch.


Every aspect of your project is handled so you can focus on your business.

Your project is in good hands. We have a full team that make sure your projects goes as planned.

Project manager


Solution architect

QA tester


Scale without limits.

Add more resources as they're needed and downgrade them when they're not. You only get billed for the addons that are used, so you don't pay for them when that are no longer in use.

Hokantan is for company of any size.

Hokantan for All

Are you looking to build your next product or technical team? Hokantan takes care of all the technicalities, for a flat monthly rate.

Hokantan for Agency

Torn between having to choose between projects?

Take them all on to expand your client base and increase company revenue.

With Hokantan you'll set your goal, we'll get to work, and before you know it our team will have your projects "from zero to launch."

Make your product launches a breeze.

7 Day Money-back Guarantee

There are no contracts to use Hokantan. Cancel your subscription within 7 days to receive a full refund.

Friendly Priority Support

Get quick responses and updates from your project manager during business hours, Monday through Friday.

Fast Turnaround Time

Your submitted project will be completed in as little as 24 hours.

Project Launch Standby

Our team will be present to assist you with your launch and any technical issues that may arise.

Full Source Code Ownership

All of your submitted projects are yours to keep, and the codes are supplied through Github at the end of the project.

Scale Your Team Easily

Do you need more developers to expedite your project? Upgrade or downgrade your plan whenever you want!

Hiring developers is a huge hassle.

Forget about delegating tasks, vetting, and managing them. Hokantan acts as your inhouse product team that manages and handle project timelines.

Hiring a developer


Hiring a product team


Monthly Spend (USD)



Onboarding and Training

> 1.5 months

Nearly none

No. Pax Hired

1 developer

Full team

Contract Duration

Min. 1 year

Cancel anytime

Technical Guidance?



Average Hiring Process

> 1 month


The closed beta.

Hokantan is currently in closed beta and with limited slots for trial. We're working closely with existing customers to get feedback and improve our service before launching publicly.

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