The Idea Behind Hokantan

Looking at the problem

Managing a product team can be fun at times, but building and leading one can be exhausting, especially if you have your business to grow. It takes a lot of effort to coordinate and make sure they are meeting your goals.

Launching a product is always a big step to take. There are so many steps to make your product launch successful.

These steps include creating the product idea, creating a roadmap, making sure that each service or component of the product has been created and tested, and getting marketing materials ready.

It would cost you a lot of time and money to do these by yourself. Just think about how much time you would have to spend. Otherwise, it would cost you a fortune to hire people for each department.

Hiring has become more difficult than before

We often hear from our network that hiring has become harder than ever. Job seekers want to go work for larger companies that give them more perks, including higher pay.

Businesses have never done as much hiring as they do today. They’ve never spent as much money doing it.

Peter Cappelli – Your Approach to Hiring Is All Wrong

A huge part of the recruitment process is dedicated to screening, vetting, and interviewing candidates.

When our team was still a software house, we often needed mid to senior developers but weren’t ready to hire them in-house. Freelancers are tough to find and can be difficult to screen. The work quality they provide often needs a lot of vetting at the early stage, so they’re not a good choice in a time-sensitive environment.

We started looking for turn-key solutions and people who could help takeover an entire project, without breaking the bank.

To our disappointment, not only were we unable to find high-quality freelancers, but we also had a lot of trouble with the developers because they didn’t understand business requirements and needed constant monitoring.

Hokantan as a solution

Think Hokantan as your fire rescue department. Whenever you need:

Think Hokantan as your fire department. Whenever you need:

1. A team to quickly outsource your project without having to compare quotes or assess quality → we offer a monthly flat-rate service.

2. A team to build and manage your projects → we handle your projects from zero to launch.

3. To grow your team without hiring → we are instant, contract-less, and cancellable anytime.

4. To increase company revenues by accepting more projects → we are a self-sufficient team that handles all project technicalities for you.

5. To save cost on developing products → you’ll get all a full team’s services for a price cheaper than a developer.

No technical knowledge or experience is needed.

Don’t worry if you lack the technical expertise or knowledge to handle a project. We take care of that for you! Your project manager will assign work for all of the relevant members and let you know when the work is completed. All without your involvement in between.

Pool of diversified developers

You don’t have to hire both developers individually or to spend big bucks on full stack developers. We offer both front-end and backend developers in all of our plans. You can work on each individually or change up between the two based on your project needs.

Who is Hokantan for?

Hokantan is a great option for any company looking to create mobile apps or websites. We are cost-effective, unlike traditional hires or freelance professionals. You get a team for the price of one.

Software agencies often use us for taking over a project for them, which means that they enjoy most of the profit while committing very little to the project.

Startups and companies are using us because they can build products without having to waste time on managing and training the team. They can use their freed-up time for marketing, or growing.

Hire developers without management and training

Build products and scale your business without spending time supervising your tech team ever again.