Diversity and Inclusion


At Hokantan, we pride ourselves on a diverse range of backgrounds that compose our community. Every single team member is respected and celebrated for what they can bring to the company, be it their experience, skills, or background. We celebrate our differences and uphold a safe, accepting workplace. Here’s what it means: Speak up if […]

Refund Policy

We provide 3 days no questions asked money-back guarantee on all our services. If you’re not 100% satisfied with our services or with the result of your project, contact us within 3 days of making your purchase and we’ll grant you a full refund. If you would like to request a refund, contact our live […]

The Idea Behind Hokantan

Looking at the problem Managing a product team can be fun at times, but building and leading one can be exhausting, especially if you have your business to grow. It takes a lot of effort to coordinate and make sure they are meeting your goals. Launching a product is always a big step to take. […]

How long does it take to see the first version?

Turnaround Time At Hokantan, basic frontend projects normally take less than 24 hours to view the first few screens. Your project manager will advise you of the projected development time before each project starts, and provide you with a status report every day from Monday to Friday. You may also request to start and stop […]

How it works

How it works Hokantan is more than just hiring a regular programmer; for a fraction of the cost of hiring a developer, you get a whole product team. We do all of the legwork, so you don’t have to worry about vetting and managing your developers. Communicate in Slack Send in the details of your […]

Who will I be dealing with on a daily basis?

Project Manager – Your all-purpose manager Once you have subscribed to a plan, your project manager will be your focal person. Your project manager will keep you updated on daily progress, plan the timeline for your tasks, schedule calls (if necessary), and coordinate between developers and testers. Hokantan manages and trains your tech team so […]

What kind of task can I submit?

Rules of Thumb As a general rule, Hokantan is comparable to employing a full-time developer. The difference is that Hokantan is a full team that assists your company with all aspects of your development work so you can focus entirely on your business and marketing. We will try to complete most of your submitted tasks, […]

Hokantan 3 project assignment criteria

Interest At Hokantan, we prioritize interest over all other project assignment criteria. It is important that your developer is interested to work on your project and it leads them to build ownership over the project as a whole. Developers that voluntarily take ownership over a project are usually more productive and more likely to complete […]

Can my plan support existing projects?

Hokantan Standard Plan When you subscribe to the Standard plan, you can submit projects that are fresh and our developers will start working on them from ground zero. If you need developers to work on an existing project with your existing code base, you’ll need to subscribe to Pro and higher plans. This limitation is […]

How to reassign a task to a developer of preference?

Requesting for a Developer Change If your developer is giving you a bad experience, you may request that a new developer be assigned by informing your Project Manager. Your project manager assigns projects to developers based on our 3 core criteria: Interest, Expertise, and Domain Expertise. They help your project manager identify and assign the […]