Can my plan support existing projects?

Hokantan Standard Plan

When you subscribe to the Standard plan, you can submit projects that are fresh and our developers will start working on them from ground zero. If you need developers to work on an existing project with your existing code base, you’ll need to subscribe to Pro and higher plans.

This limitation is only applied to projects that were not developed by Hokantan developers. If you need to continue your projects that were previously worked on by one of our developers, your project manager will assign the same developer to the project once you create a new request. You may also request to switch developers if you have a better preference.

Hokantan Pro Plan

The Pro plan allows you to submit projects that were worked on by developers outside of Hokantan but are limited to the frontend/backend programming languages and tools listed under the Pro plan. If you need to specify a tool or language of preference (not in the list), you may subscribe to the Ultimate plan to unlock this feature.

Hokantan Ultimate Plan

The Ultimate plan gives you the flexibility to choose any tool or programming language of your choice. You may submit a project that requires a tool or programming language that is not on the list. It is, however, worth mentioning that your developers may take a few days to learn or adapt to the new language or tool required. Your project manager should inform you of the required man-days.

Visit the pricing page to view the full list of supported languages and tools/technology stacks.

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