Hokantan 3 project assignment criteria


At Hokantan, we prioritize interest over all other project assignment criteria. It is important that your developer is interested to work on your project and it leads them to build ownership over the project as a whole. Developers that voluntarily take ownership over a project are usually more productive and more likely to complete it on time. And yes, we also want our developers to be happy working on the things that they like 🙂

Skills and Expertise

Interest alone is not the only determining factor that your project managers consider when assigning your projects to developers. Interest without knowledge of the skills required for your projects could produce more errors and lead to longer development time. At Hokantan, we emphasize quality and speed.

Domain Experience

We also take experience and familiarity into consideration when assigning tasks to developers. It helps accelerate the entire development process and the project or code can be set up fairly quickly.

Hire developers without management and training

Build products and scale your business without spending time supervising your tech team ever again.