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All of your development tasks for one fixed monthly fee

We become your full-fledged product team. You get development tasks done every business day. Simple.

Frustrated with the endless cycle of hiring, managing, and supervising your product team?

Our subscription-based service connects you with a full IT team, ready to seamlessly integrate into your organization.

With Hokantan, your dedicated project manager handles all coordination and communication, freeing you to focus on your core responsibilities.

Rapid Kickstart
Witness a rapid transformation of your ideas into action. Our 24-hour turnaround means progress starts the next business day after the demo, fueling your success from day one.
AI Efficiency
Hokantan teams use the most innovative tools to optimize the workflow. It's more than just outsourcing, as you get a whole product team for the cost of hiring a single developer.
Smooth in-house team integration
With Hokantan, experience frictionless collaboration. Our team blends into your processes, effectively communicating through your Slack channels, resulting in an efficient, unified workforce.

The People

Meet Your Team

team member
Dedicated Project Manager

Your dependable sidekick that communicates with you on a regular basis. He gives you regular updates, manage team members, provide explanations and makes sure your projects are on schedule.

team member

They design intricate and sophisticated algorithms and application logic that makes all your magical ideas happen.

team member
QA Engineer

They are your bug detectives that hunts down bugs before your users can spot them. Developers tend to have have a love-hate relationship with them. Ask your developer why!

team member
Solution Architect

Your projects' second-in-command. He designs the architectures for your projects and guides developers. He makes sure your projects are scalable and can be easily maintained.

The Price

Easy Pricing


Suitable for simple, informative websites without complex custom features. We utilise no-code/low-code platforms like WordPress and Webflow for website development.
Regular updates to site pages
Content management
Basic firewall and SEO setup
Web analytics setup
Payment gateway integration
Hosting and domain integration
Confidentiality & Non-disclosure
Get a Developer
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Exorbitant costs, hiring hassles, low-skilled developers.

Hokantan resolves these startup woes, making the development process accessible, affordable, and hassle-free even for non-tech founders


What Others Say

We partnered with Hokantan a couple of months ago, and the integration with our inbound team was seamless, exceeding all expectations.

They astoundingly developed our platform using Ruby on Rails and we are more than satisfied with the process and results for now.


Jack Khrakov, Founder

Hokantan has been great for us. They consistently estimate project timelines accurately and always deliver on time. It's become easier to manage our clients' expectations because of their dependability. Their dashboard keeps us informed about progress, so we don't need to follow up as often. The daily reports from their project manager are really helpful, too.

Three Cube Interactive

Minn Alaidin, Experience Director

The integration of Hokantan into our in-house team was seamless and effortless. They quickly became an extension of our company, blending in perfectly with our existing team. Hokantan not only brought technical expertise but also a collaborative spirit that made working together a pleasure.

It never felt like we were outsourcing; it felt like a partnership. Their ability to understand our requirements and work in sync with our in-house team was remarkable. We couldn't be happier with the results we achieved together.

Mobius Digital Systems

Justin Leo, CEO

I had the pleasure of working with Hokantan, and they exceeded my expectations as a web partner. Their extensive knowledge, reliability, and dedication to their clients were truly impressive. With their attentive listening skills and ability to scope out the best solutions, they consistently delivered outstanding results.

Highly recommend Hokantan as a dependable and knowledgeable web partner for any business.

Studio Ensemble

Junyao, Design Director

I had seen other teams struggle with similar projects in the past, so naturally, I was skeptical. However, I couldn't have been more wrong.

Hokantan not only rose to the challenge but exceeded my expectations in every way. Their project manager quickly grasped the unique requirements of our interior design app and flawlessly brought our vision to life.


John Paolo, Founder


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