How it works

Hokantan is more than just hiring a regular programmer; for a fraction of the cost of hiring a developer, you get a whole product team.

We do all of the legwork, so you don't have to worry about vetting and managing your developers.

Communicate in Slack

Send in the details of your project on Slack to start.

When all requirements have been confirmed, your project manager will begin assigning developers and discussing the timeline with our solution architect and developers.

Is there anything you need to do here: no. Unlike hiring an in-house developer, where you must spend time discussing with your developer, Hokantan handles all technical discussions internally and keeps you updated on progress.

You can join slack as a guest or with Slack Connect.

Track Progress With Height

Your project manager keeps track of all of your projects on Height.

Our team at Hokantan uses Height as our project management software, and you have complete visibility over the progress of all your projects.

When are the progress updates made: daily at 0800 EDT.

Unlimited Projects

You can submit an unlimited number of projects, and your project manager will arrange them in the order of priority that you have chosen for each project.

How it's different with Hokantan: traditionally, hiring a developer implies managing their schedule and tracking all of their work. Hokantan takes care of all of the technicalities so that you can concentrate on growing your business!

We have a full team that makes sure your projects launch smoothly

We put up a team of people that are wholeheartedly committed to your projects and their work. Each team member plays a crucial role in determining your projects' success.

Dedicated Project Manager

Your dependable sidekick that communicates with you on a regular basis. He gives you regular updates, manage team members, provide explanations and makes sure your projects are on schedule.


They design intricate and sophisticated algorithms and application logic that makes all your magical ideas happen.

QA Engineers

They are your bug detectives that hunts down bugs before your users can spot them. Developers tend to have have a love-hate relationship with them. Ask your developers why!

Solution Architects

Your projects' second-in-command. He designs the architectures for your projects and guides developers. He makes sure your projects are scalable and can be easily maintained.


You will provide us with the specifications for your projects and provide feedback on the developed items. Your input and response time are critical to the project's success and on-time completion.